UPRM Chemistry student awarded best poster presentation at ACS 46th Senior Technical Meeting

The chemistry department congratulates undergraduate chemistry student Joshua Rivera for receiving first place in the poster presentation competition during the American Chemical Society 46th Senior Technical Meeting. The event titled “Where ideas collide and transformations begin” took place at Hotel Costa Bahía, Guayanilla on Saturday November 4th. More than seventy-nine students presented their poster during the research competition.

Joshua’s award-winning poster was titled “Exploring Two-dimensional Copper Zinc-Heterostructures as Electrocatalyst for decarbonization Technology”. His research was performed under the mentorship of Dr. Joselyn Del Pilar (UPRM) and Dr. Richard D. Robinson (Cornell University) while participating in the NSF-PREM 2023 CIE2M-CHESS summer internship.

Student Joshua Rivera with poster presentation

Student Joshua Rivera and team